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Nida Chaudhry is a very beautiful actress of pakistani stage dramas and lollywood films. Nida Chaudhry worked many pakistani movies and so many stage dramas.Nida Chaudhry performs mostly mehfil theater lahore. Nida Chaudhry is very very hot cute sexy and charming girl of pakistan. Nida Chaudhry is Performs hot mujra in Stage.

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Nida Chaudhry picture when she was going back from Court
Lahore city remained buzzing for few days about a very hot and sexy dance by Nida Chaudhary in the stage drama which was performed in limited episodes with hand-picked audience. Common publich enjoyed it through thier mobile phone. Many people remained frantic about searching dance video clip by Nida.
Incharge of Lahore Stage Inspection Team also took notice and after watching the clip and consulting with the production team of the theater banned Nida Chaudharyfrom the theaters for an indefinite period of time. Nida didn’t like it and complained to the highups in the bureaucracy, who requested with the Incharge, who remained adamant. Instead, Incharge tried to arrest Nida, who disappeared like hell from the scene and now she is asking for apology and compensation, whatever that means.
Lahore Stage Dramas are notorius for their explicit dances, vulgar remarks, and nude dresses. These dramas are nothing but a shame to the great Punjabi culture. Bans like these should be followed by the arrests. Entertainment like dance and music are no problem, but vulgarity and obscenity must not be tolerated.
Lahore along with its suburbs are facing from a very serious condition to their major entertainment bussiness Dacning Shows and similar entertainment activities. Government has banned these all activities just to secure them from the on groing cases of assaults.
But this time to quench the thirst of many people who pay high for these dancers are getting entertainment exclusively. Such as dancer Nida Chaudhary has been banned permanently to dance, as a clip of her vulgure dance was released to public.
Let’s see what happens next, this seems a very obnoxious situation for the whole city of lahore. Police is more likely to be involved in this issue.
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